Charlotte Moving Company with Packing and un packing benefits

Posted on May 5, 2010 provide complete relocation services from packing to un-packing. The company provides complete packing services with full responsibility and reliability. Packing is one of the most tedious tasks while relocating, where these companies are required the most to help you. provides complete Packing of each belonging of yours and they finish there job with un-packing it all at your new destination.

The Company work for door to door delivery and they assure you safe packing guarantee. is a  team of professionals who takes care of your goods while packing and unpacking it in the whole process of relocation. We assure to provide safe packing and moving services at the most reasonable prices.

Packing Services:

Charlotte Movers have professional packers and they are well trained in the appropriate packing.  We distinguish the packing of fragile stuff to be done properly; this is to assure the safe delivery of it. Our professionals correctly label every item so as to assure a well managed delivery. We offer quality-packing materials such as Tapes, wooden crates, metal or plastic drums, pallets etc as per the necessity of packaging of goods.

Home Packing:

Home Packing includes every household thing including bedroom items and clothes. We can well pack kitchen stuffs like appliances, silverware, utensils and bake ware etc. We assure you the safest packing of glassware, expensive and fragile decorative items, paintings, ceramic ware, lampshades, glass wares etc.

Office Packing:

Office packing is quite impossible to do without taking any professional help. Office packing includes packing of all the file cabinets, desks, chairs and computer equipments. Packing of high-tech machinery and every office belonging safely is there main task and they perform it professionally.

Unpacking Services:

Unpacking is actually a time consuming task and sometimes more the packing. It is very crucial job while relocating to new place. Unpacking Services involves various tasks like:

  • Hanging the shelves and cabinets properly.
  • Manage disposal.
  • Unpack cartons and place goods into cupboards.
  • Cleaning and wiping the Cupboards, shelves and bench tops.
  • Arranging food items in pantry and refrigerator.
  • Unpacking Clothes and hanging in wardrobes.
  • Linen and towels are sorted and color coordinated.
  • Books are neatly arranged onto bookshelves.
  • Crystal, silverware and family heirlooms placed into wall units

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